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Soft washing

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a low pressure cleaning option for houses, roofs, and other structures that can be damaged by pressure washing. The soft washing process uses special cleaning solutions to break down dirt and remove organic matter. Surfaces such as wood or vinyl siding are best cleaned with soft washing techniques. Soft washing can also be used in conjunction with pressure washing to eliminate organisms such as moss, algae, and mold, as well as deep cleaning surfaces like concrete and stone.

Pressure Washing

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing uses high pressure water jets to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Commonly used on hard surfaces, pressure washing is great for deep cleaning and removing stubborn staining. Quality pressure washing can make your driveways or stone structures look new. Painted surfaces and wood can also be safely pressure washed to remove ingrained dirt. If the surface to be cleaned is heavily soiled, a pre-treatment of soft wash cleaning solution and a pressure washing follow up may be the best option. 

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