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Boat Docks

Boat docks are always at the mercy of the elements. During the off season boat docks are covered with dirt & green algae. Animals build nests and stains form while wood decks become discolored. Mighty Mac's uses a combination of cleaning approaches to combat these messy problems. Your dock will be pre-treated with an all natural eco-friendly cleaning solution to neutralize organic matter and dislodge stuck on stains. This solution is safe for aquatic environments and completely biodegradable. After pre-treatment, your dock will be pressure washed to rinse it clean and remove any residual staining. Mighty Mac's Power Washing can clean anywhere on Lewis Smith Lake. We will come to your dock by boat and clean your dock lakeside.

Standard Dock Cleaning-

Dock & Walkway Surfaces

Dock Ceilings

All Support Structure Posts

Dock Lockers & Sheds

* Other items such as dry-docks, dock floats, and dock furniture can be added on to any standard cleaning service at a negotiated price.

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